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Welcome from our Rector, Rev. Dr. Aloha Smith

Dear Friends,

We at the Historic Church of the Good Shepherd in Tryon, North Carolina welcome you!

It is our joy to see you and be with you as we strive to hear and the Word of God and understand our mission to serve in the Name of Jesus.  Our hospitality is legendary, as we are unique in offering “Lunch on the House of God” after service every week!       

When we moved Western North Carolina in 2015, my husband and I attended many of the neighboring churches, but we found our home at Good Shepherd, both in the community and in the music.  We enjoy the resources provided by the Episcopal Church in the Hymnal 1982, which contains songs from the sixth to the twentieth centuries that support the scripture texts of the Church year. It is in partnership with Lift Every Voice and Sing II, the African-American tradition of Gospel songs and Spirituals. 

Our calendar in The Book of Common Prayer reflects the whole Bible’s march through the seasons of the life of Christ and of God’s people through the ages.  When our times get to be troubling and sketchy, there is peace being together knowing our real lives are in a far greater arc than the day to day, yet…

       “Day by day, O Lord, these three things I pray: 

        To see Thee more clearly,

        To love Thee more nearly,

        To follow Thee more nearly, Day by day.“

St. Richard of Chichester

It is important to know that Good Shepherd Church reflects its name.  An actual shepherd knows the flock and elects sometimes to walk behind it, gently driving them forward to the beneficial pasture.  At other times, the shepherd walks in front, and the wise sheep follow Him home.  We have seen Jesus ministering to us in both ways.  So as a result…        

We are an open and affirming community of faith in embracing all persons with no regard for gender, race, identity or sexual orientation.  We believe that diversity, acceptance, and inclusion are strengths to uphold and demonstrate.  And we say to you, whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith, there is a place for you here.

May God’s Blessings be 

                           with you and 

                                        in you and 

                                        all around you so you 

                                        cannot fail to know them and 

                                        rejoice with us in them.

January, Epiphany Tide, 2022